Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Like I Need Another Hobby....

Howdy friends!

Oh dear - I'm gonna be in trouble, I already know it!  This past fall I decided I NEEDED to take the Wilton's Basic Cake Decortating Class - I had a blast!  In fact, I was planning on signing up for the next 2 classes as well, but time has gotten in the way and my family schedule won't allow for me to do so.  I just decided that I'd be happy with my basic knowledge and I've had fun playing - here is the cake I decorated for my final class project:

I am totally happy and content with my basic knowledge.  That is what I've told myself over and over - until I signed up to watch the Cricut Cake Class last week.  If you don't know about this toy, then click here to take a looksy for yourself.  Now you see my dilemma? 

 Oh boy - dare I say it?  Ok, I confess.... I knew JoAnn's had the Cricut Cake Mini on sale for $99 - that's a 50% discount folks - would you pass it up??  Me neither - so I trotted my happy little self to JoAnn's and bought that puppy.  I finally got the courage up today to try it out and here is what I did:

Not sure how I'm gonna break it to the hubby yet, but I sure hope he's so mesmorized by 1) my cookie decorating skills, and 2) another use for all of those Cricut Cartridges I've been collecting - maybe he'll find it in his tummy, er heart to forgive me!  Oh yeah, and the fact that I can use it to make fun cakes and cookies for so many occasions instead of the bakery I've been using - which when you do the math that's only 4 'basic bakery' cakes, right?  Girl math people!

Thanks for coming by today and I hope to share more creations with my newfound hobby!

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  1. I love making cupcakes. I have only actually done them twice because I make them from scratch and decorate from scratch, as well, but I am impressed with your cookies, too! :)